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Self Immolations inside Tibet

Name Age Gender From Date Occupation Status
Lobsang Tashi Aka Tapey    20 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 27 Feb,09 Monk Hospitalized
Phuntsok Jarutsang   20 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 16 Mar,11 Monk Deceased
Tsewang Norbu 


29 M Nyatso Monatery, Tawu 15 Aug,11 Monk Deceased
Lobsang Kelsang   18 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 26 Sept,11 Monk Hospitalized
Lobsang Kunchok 


19 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 26 Sept,11 Monk Hospitalized
Kelsang Wangchuk   17 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 3 Oct,11 Monk Hospitalized


18 M Ngapa 7 Oct,11 Former Monk (Kirti Monastery) Deceased


19 M Ngapa 7 Oct,11 Former Monk (Kirti Monastery) Deceased
Norbu Damdul  


19 M Ngapa 15 Oct,11 Former Monk (Kirti Monastery) Deceased
Tenzin Wangmo 


20 F Mamae Nunnery,Ngapa 17 Oct,11 Nun Deceased
Dawa Tsering  


38 M Karze Monatery,Kardze 25 Oct,11 Monk Unknown
Palden Choetso   35 F Dakar Choeling Nunnery,Tawu 3 Nov,11 Nun Deceased
Tenzin Phuntsog   46 M Karma Monastery,Chamdo 1 Dec,11 Former Monk Deceased


20 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 6 Jan,12 Monk Deceased
Lobsang Tsultrim  


20 M Ngapa 5 Jan,12 Former Monk (Kirti Monatery) Deceased
Sonam Wangyal Aka Lama Soepa   42 M Dungkyop Monastery, Darlag county,Golog 8 Jan,12 Monk Deceased
Lobsang Jamyang   21 M Ngapa 14 Jan,12 Former Monk (Andu Monastery) Deceased
Rigzin Dorjee Aka Rig-Bai   19 M Ngapa 8 Feb,12 Former Monk (Kirti Monastery) Deceased
Sonam Rabyang   37 M Lab Monastery, Triwang Town, the capital of Tridu County 9 Feb,12 Monk Unknown
Tenzin Choedon   18 F Mame Dechen Chorkorling Nunnery, Ngapa 11 Feb,12 Nun Deceased
Lobsang Gyatso   19 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 13 Feb,12 Monk Unknown
Damchoe Sangpo   38 M Bongthank Monastery, Themchen County 17 Feb,12 Monk Deceased
Nangdrol   18 M Dzamthang County, Ngapa 3 Mar,12 Lay-Person Deceased
Tsering Kyi   19 F Tibetan Middle School, Machu,Gansu 3 Mar,12 Student Deceased


Rinchen   32 F Ngapa 4 Mar,12


Mother Deceased
Dorjee   18 M Ngapa 5 Mar,12


Nomad Deceased


18 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 10 Mar,12 Monk Deceased
Jamyang Palden   34 M Rebkong Rongbo Monastery, Rebkong 14 Mar,12 Monk Unknown
Lobsang Tsultrim   20 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 16 Mar,12 Monk Unknown
Sonam Dargye  


44 M Ngapa 17 Mar,12 Farmer Deceased
Lonsang Sherab   20 M Gaden Tenpeling Monastery, Ngapa 28 Mar,12 Monk Deceased
Tenpa Darjey   22 M Tsodun Monastery, Ngapa 30 Mar,12 Monk Deceased
Chimey Palden   21 M Tsodun Monastery, Ngapa 30 Mar,12 Monk Deceased


24 M Dzamthang, Ngapa 19 April,12 Farmer Deceased
Choepak Kyap  


25 M Dzamthang, Ngapa 19 April,12 Farmer Deceased
Dorje Tseten   19 M Dzamthang, Ngapa 27 May,12 Lay-person Deceased


Dargye  25 M Ngapa 27 May,12 Former Monk (Kirti Monastery) Unknown
Rikyo   33 F Ngapa 30 May,12 Nomad Deceased


Tamding Thar   Late 50s M Lowa Village,Chentsathang Twownship, Chentsa County 15 June,12 Farmer Deceased
Tenzin Khedup   24 M Tridu County, Yushul,TAP, Qingai province 20 June,12 Lay-person Deceased
Ngawang Norphel   22 M Ngapa 20 June,12 Lay-person Unknown
Dickyi Choezom   40s F Yushu 27 June,12 Mother Unknown
Tsewang Dorjee   22 M Damshung, Central Tibet, Lhasa Municipality 7 July,12 Lay-person Deceased
Lobsang Lozin   18 M Gedhen Tashi Choeling, an affiliate of Kirti monastery 17 July,12 Monk Deceased


Lobsang Tsultrim Ryiwa    21 M Ngapa 6 Aug,12 Monk Deceased
Dolkar Tso  20s F Kanlho, TAP, Gansu Province 7 Aug,12 layperson Deceased




24 M Ngapa 10 Aug,12 layperson Deceased


21 M Ngapa 13 Aug,12 layperson Unknown
Lungtok 20 M Ngapa 13 Aug,12 Monk Unknown


Lobsang Kelsang 18 M Kirti Monastery, Ngapa 27 Aug,12 Monk Deceased
Lobsang Damchoe 17 M Ngapa 27 Aug,12 Former Monk (Kirti Monastery) Deceased
Yangdang 27 M Dzatoe County, Yulshul, Qinghai province 29 Sept,12 Layperson Deceased
Gudrub 43 M Driru county 4 Oct,12 Writer Deceased
Sangay Gyatso 27 M Tsoe, Kanlho, TAP, Gansu province 6 Oct,12 Layperson Deceased
Tamdin Dorje Early 50s M Tsoe, Kanlho, TAP, Gansu province 13 OCt,12 Layperson Deceased
Lhamo Kyab Late 20s M Sangchu County, Kanlho prefecture in Gansu province 20 Oct,12 Layperson Deceased
Dhondup 60s M Kanlho, TAP in Gansu Province 22 Oct,12 Layperson Deceased
Dorje Rinchen Late 50s M Labrang, Kanlho, TAP, Gansu Province 23 Oct,12 layperson Deceased
Tenzin 25 M Bankar Monastery ,Nagchu 25 Oct,12 Monk Unknown
Tsepo 20 M Bankar Monastery,Nagchu 25 Oct,12 Monk Deceased
Lhamo Tseten Mid 20s M Amchok township in Sangchu county, Kanlho, TAP, Gansu province 26 Oct,12 layperson Deceased
Tsewang Kyab Early 20s M Setri village in Sangkok township in Sangchu county, Kanlho, TAP, Gansu province 26 Oct,12 layperson Deceased
Dorjee Lhundup Mid 20s M Chuma village in Rebkong 4 Nov,12 Farmer Deceased


27 M Bankar Village, Driru County, TAR 7 Nov,12 Unknown Deceased
Tamding Tso 23 F Rebkong, Qinghai provinc 7 Nov,12 Mother Deceased
Dorji Kyab 16 M Ngoshul monastery, Ngapa 7 Nov,12 Monk Unknown
Samdrup 16 M Ngoshul monastery, Ngapa 7 Nov, 12 Monk Unknown
Dorji 15 M Ngoshul monastery, Ngapa 7 Nov, 12 Monk Deceased
Kalsang Jinpa 18 M Rongwo town of Rebkong 8 Nov, 12 Nomad Deceased
Gonpo Tsering 19 M Tsoe, Kanlho 10 Nov,12 layperson Deceased
Nyinkar Tashi 24 M Rebkong 12 Nov,12 Layperson Deceased
Nyingchag Bum 18 M Dowa region, Rebkong 12 Nov, 12 Layperson Deceased
Khabum Gyal 18 M Rongwo town, Rebkong 15 Nov,12 Layperson Deceased
Tangzin Dolma 23 F Tsemo Region, Rebkong 15 Nov,12 layperson Deceased
Changmo Kyi Unkbown F Rebkong, Qinghai 17 Nov,12 Mother Deceased
Sangdang Tsering 24 M Rebkong 17 Nov,12 Layperson, a father Deceased
Wangchen Norbu 25 M Kangtsa region, 19 Nov,12 layperson Deceased
Tsering Dhondup 34 M Amchok region, Labrang 20 Nov,12 Farmer and nomad Deceased
Lubum Gyal 18 M Rebkong 22 Nov,12 Layperson Deceased





Tamdrin Dorjee 29 M Makor village in Dokarmo township, Tsekhog area of Rebkong 23 Nov,12 Layperson Deceased
Tamdrin Kyab 23 M Luchu township,Gansu province 23 Nov,12 Former monk, a nomad Deceased
Sangya Dolma 17 F Tsekhog, Rebkong in Malho region of eastern Tibet 25 Nov,12 Nun Deceased
Wangyal Around 20 M Sertha, 26 Nov,12 Student Unknown
Kunchok Tsering 18 M Amchok, Labrang 26 Nov,12 Layperson, married Deceased
Gonpo Tsering 24 M Luchu region of Kanlho 26 Nov,12 Layperson, father of three children Deceased
Kalsang Kyab 24 M Kyantsa township, Dzoege County 27 Nov,12 Layperson, a nomad Deceased
Sanggye Tashi 18 M Labrang 27 Nov,12 layperson Deceased
Bande Khar 21 M Tsoe region of Kanlho 28 Nov, 12 Layperson Deceased
Tsering Namgyal 31 M Luchu region of eastern Tibet 29 Nov, 12 Layperson, a father Deceased
Kunchok Kyab 29 M Dzoege, Ngaba 30 Nov,12 Lay person Deceased
Sungdue Kyab Late teens M Bora, Labrang 2 Dec, 12 Layperson, a father Unknown, believe to be at Kanlho People’s hospital
Lobsang Geleg 29 M Penag Kadak Troedreling monastery 3 Dec,12 Monk Deceased



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