Donations, Sponsorship, Membership & other ways to support TWA

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There are three main ways to support TWA: you can donate with a one off payment; become a sponsor and pay a monthly payment of $US10 to $30 for a fixed period of time; or become a member and pay an annual fee.

If you would like to support TWA in any of these ways please find more information below or contact us. We will be adding a simpler PayPal donations functionality soon.

Donate to TWA

TWA welcomes donations to either our Central Fund or for specified TWA projects such as Book Projects,Tailoring Projects, Publication/Media Projects, or Women’s Empowerment projects. Unspecified financial contributions will be used for operating expenses, general project support, to assist newcomers from Tibet, and needy families and individuals in times of crisis. Receipts are given for all contributions. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Please issue all Cheques in favour of “Tibetan Women’s Association”
Bank transfer directly to Account No: 2517000100047948 (General Donation)

Account Holder’s Name: Tibetan Women Association

Bank Address:
Punjab National Bank
Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala
District Kangra, H.P. 176219

Swift Code: PUNBINBBPAR (for international transaction)
IF Code: PUNBO251700 (for national transaction)

Sponsorship program

TWA encourages you to join our extensive sponsorship program that allows you to become a sponsor of schoolchildren, college students, nuns, the elderly, sick, or poor and needy Tibetan families.

Your monthly contributionof $US10 to $30 for a fixed period of time will ensure that you make a difference in the lives of Tibetan people.

Sponsorship is a key element for our association. It allows to carry out our projects, currently vocational training to build marketable skills and increase self-sufficiency (Stitches of Tibet), sponsorship of needy members of the community in exile (Sponsorship) and support in academic training for women (Studies Fellowships).

The money is intended to assist the Tibetan community to survive and to promote independence, particularly of women. Sponsoring one of our projects therefore means taking part actively in improving living conditions of Tibetan women. If you would like any more information on how we use your sponsorship contributions, contact us.


Friends of TWA (FOTWA) Membership

Non-Tibetans are encouraged to become a Friend of TWA (FOTWA).

1. I would like to become a Gold member. (5 years)

US $250(International), US $125 (Concession/Developing country), Rs.750(India/Nepal)

2. I would like to become a Silver member (3 years)

US $150(International) US $75(concession/developing country) Rs 450 (India/Nepal)

3. I would like to become a member of FOTWA for a year.

US$50 (Int.) US$25(con. /dev. country) Rs 150 (India/Nepal)

All membership fees, unless specified for a particular project, are designated to our Central Fund to help us finance various TWA activities and operating expenses.

You will be kept informed of TWA activities via our quarterly newsletter (as well as other publications)

Gold & Silver card members will receive all the publications from TWA. 1 year members would receive only the tri-annual newsletter VOICE and the annual magazine from TWA.

Community Membership

Members of the Tibetan community can join TWA for the annual membership fee of 50 Indian rupees. Concessions are made for those members who are unable to contribute even this amount — these memberships are subsidized through income generated by cultural shows, lotteries and the selling of products. To date, the majority of our income comes from within the Tibetan community.

Members of the Tibetan community that live outside of India can join TWA for the annual membership fee of $15 (USA/Canada, Europe), £18 (England), 18 Pesos (Mexico), etc.

Other ways to support the work of TWA

  • EDUCATE yourself and others about the history and struggle of Tibet and its people. Understand the truth about what is happening to this precious culture.
  • JOIN a Tibetan Support Group in your community and help to increase awareness of the critical situation in Tibet to national and international levels. Get involved in stopping the environmental destruction, human rights abuses and political and cultural murder of a nation.
  • ORGANIZE fundraising, cultural shows and speakers on issues concerning Tibet in your community. Discover and support the rich and diverse culture of Tibet.
  • LOBBY your government, the United Nations, and international human rights organizations for decisive political action supporting Tibet. The official recognition of the Chinese government’s occupation of Tibet is a major step towards Tibetan freedom.
  • WRITE LETTERS to your government officials seeking action to support Tibet. International pressure is greatly needed to change the conditions created and imposed by China. Every voice counts. Stop the silence and demand a free Tibet!
  • INTERN with TWA and offer your skills to help us complete important projects we may not otherwise have the resources for – see our Internships page for more information.

Thanks for your interest – we appreciate any type of support you are able to give. If you would like further information about any of the suggestions on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us.