Release Choeying Khendrub


Choeying Khedrub is one of two Tibetan political prisoners serving a life sentence. He is charged with “splittist” activities for distributing pro-independence leaflets within Tibet. Any appeals made to the Chinese court have been rejected, committing him to a lifetime of imprisonment. Choeying’s case demonstrates the severe lack of democracy existing within China today. Tibetans cannot even enjoy the freedom of distributing leaflets on the streets within their own country.

Please make your voice heard and support Choeying Khedrub’s release by signing the electronic petition below that will be sent to the members of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, United Nations. We are asking them to report on Choeying Khedrub’s case and to pressure China for his immediate release.

Choeying was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2001 – this was confirmed by documents obtained from the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Court in 2006.

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