Deanne Goforth

Intern testimony: Deanne Goforth


Deanne GoforthI interned for the Tibetan Women’s Association from December 18th, 2006 to March 16th, 2007. Currently, I am a second-year graduate student at the University of Oregon, International Studies Program and have a focus of indigenous women’s empowerment. TWA is an international non-governmental organization that I felt privileged to intern with. The women who work for TWA possess the ability to make you feel very welcomed, while at the same time giving you assignments that really do make a contribution to the organization. Many NGOs do not come with a history dating back to 1959, as TWA does. The historic revolt against Chinese oppression that many Tibetan women stood up and fought against had a monumental impact on me while choosing the appropriate place to intern. Since TWA is the only Tibetan women focused NGO in existence, I felt that it would be an honor to assist them in any way possible. The amount of information a person would learn from this type of experience is really limitless and highly dependable on the self-motivation of the individual. My favorite part of interning has been teaching English to the women at Stitches of Tibet during the mornings because they are some of the most dedicated students I have ever met. Their laughter is contagious, but more importantly they are fortunate enough to participate in a program that offers skills for future economic sustainability. This is just one of the valuable contributions TWA makes to the lives of Tibetan people in-exile and those still living in Tibet.

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