TWA looks back on 16 years of Stitches of Tibet and plans for the future


SOTStitches of Tibet (SOT) was created in 1995 and extended in 1998 to sell handicrafts produced by the trainees. Around 10 Tibetan women (with priority given to refugees and those from a low socio-economic background) spend 18 months learning handicrafts as well as studying Tibetan and English.

This year, 2011, we have put together a comprehensive report for our supporters and those interested to learn more about the backgrounds of the trainees and the benefits of the program. The report also provides a glimpse into the future direction of SOT, with plans to broaden the training given to more English study, computer study and also healthcare. There are also plans to employ a full-time manager of SOT, who will communicate with the Horizon Foundation (who are providing financial support for these further activites), teach and look for marketing opportunities.

Read the report for more information including some of the success stories from the past 16 years.

SOT is a non-profit vocational training program established with the funding of five donors, who laid the basic foundation for setting up SOT and supported its expenses for five years. But for the last 11 years, since 2000, TWA has been bearing all the expenses related to SOT. Our long-term goal is to make SOT totally self-sufficient by generating income through selling items produced by the trainees – with an online shop to be created this year. If you would like to support this project, please contact us.

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