TWA intern Priscilla Hsu

Intern testimony: Priscilla Hsu


TWA intern Priscilla HsuPriscilla Hsu, TWA Intern from the USA

I volunteered with the TWA Executive Office in McLeod Ganj from June – August 2011. My internship was challenging and demanding, and it was a valuable experience that would be hard to rival as an undergraduate. Having just completed my second year of undergraduate studies in the United States, I came to TWA and was immediately put to work. I assisted with the release of several media outlets, whether it was editing and proofreading media releases as a native-English speaker or producing promotional videos for TWA. I was also given long-term projects, most notably the responsibility of researching, writing, and editing a shadow report submitted for supplementary consideration of the country of Nepal to the UN CEDAW conference. As daunting as the work may have been to an undergrad, it was all carefully guided under the TWA executive committee, particularly with the intern coordinator Dhardon Sharling. Dhardon did a great job of assigning projects according to my skills set but also made sure to give me work that was not confined to my resume. My time with TWA was quite the experience.

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