The Other China: a mini film festival


October 20-24: Discover the China unseen in news headlines and propaganda

5.30pm Welfare Office Hall, entry free for all

Petition: to open the festival Thurs Oct 20

Schedule in English below – view the poster with Tibetan and Chinese translations.

Organised by renowned Tibetan studies academic Gabriel Lafitte and Tibetan Women’s Association, this is a unique opportunity to watch rare Chinese dissident underground movies and documentaries, made by brave film-makers whose work is censored in China.

Films in original languages with English subtitles; recommended for Tibetan and Chinese speakers. Screenings will include refreshments and be followed by a short discussion.

Thursday October 20: Petition (123 min, 2009) A touching film for those hoping for justice somewhere in China’s unfair system. Made over many years, Petition shows the trials of people from the provinces who come to Beijing in hope of getting their grievances heard at a high level.

Friday October 21 The Black & White milk cow (93 min, 2004) A bold film that follows a young schoolteacher who is given a milk cow in place of his salary and gains influence in a small and oppressive village. Will he be stifled by bureaucracy and backward feudal customs?

Saturday October 22 Er Dong (151 min, 2008) An authentic and moving journey of rebellious teenagers who quit school and struggle with the harsh realities of work, parenthood and adult life in the tough economic reality of contemporary China.

Sunday October 23 The Other Half (111 min, 2006) A brutally frank portrait of a legal secretary whose work exposes her daily to the worst of China’s social and environmental problems. This chaos spreads to her own life and relationship, along with a disaster that threatens to poison the whole city.

Monday October 24 Raised From Dust (125 min, 2006) A heartbreaking story set in a poor rural Christian community, where a mother is forced to remove her child from school and take simple jobs to pay for a sick husband’s care. Without any support, will her faith be enough to save her family?

Press contacts:

Nyima Lhamo, Program Coordinator for Empowerment through Action Desk, TWA
Tsering Wangmo, Grant, Capacity Building & Stitches of Tibet Manager, TWA

phone: 01892 221704 / 09882502821 / 9816090221

email: /

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