Tibetan woman Kalden Tsomo calls for Tibet intervention at UN Summit

Source: Geneva Summit

Geneva, Switzerland, March 13: Human rights researcher, Ms Kalden Tsomo, made a passionate plea for multilateral intervention to resolve the deteriorating situation in Tibet. Ms Tsomo currently works at the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala and attended the Geneva Convention as a delegate of the regional Swiss branch of the Tibetan Women’s Association (RTWA).

She called on the relevant Special Procedures of the council to investigate further on the impact of China’s intervention on the Tibetan People’s culture and their right to development. The Chinese government have regularly denied any international support and coverage of Tibet, and the people are often depicted in the official China media as happy with the ruling policies currently in the place.

She said: “Tibetans have suffered and continue to suffer repression in Tibet. Tibetans are undergoing untold suffering. The situation in Tibet has become so repressive and unacceptable that Tibetans are setting themselves on fire.”

Tsomo made the address at a UN Human Rights Council session, highlighting the rapidly deteriorating situation in Tibet as growing number of Tibetans have taken their own life through self-immolation as protest against China’s rule. She drew attention to the fact that there have been 27 cases of self-immolation, 14 already this year which has included a mother of four children, named Rinchen.

In memory of the 1959 exile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, March has also seen an increasing number of protests against China’s oppressive rule in Tibet. Boldly speaking out in her message at the UN, Tsomo voiced sentiments shared by millions across the world, reinforcing the imperative that the Chinese government allow  international media and humanitarian groups access to Tibet to determine the true effects of their policies on the Tibetan people.

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