World Water Day

On World Water Day let’s raise our voice to protect Tibet’s water. Sign this petition & TAKE ACTION!


On 22nd March ‘World Water Day’, Women’s Environment and Development Desk (WEDD) of Tibetan Women’s Association is running a petition drive titled ‘Nomads for Planetary Third Pole’ which was successfully launched at the Buddhist Kalachakra teaching in Bodh Gaya. 3500+ signatures were gathered at Bodhgaya which is also available online. One petition is addressed to the Environment Ministries of the ten downstream nations excluding China. These are ten countries in Asia namely: China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal all receive water from Tibet’s rivers. These are the Mekong, Yangtse and Salween in the east, Brahmaputra in the center, and Kamali, Indus and Sutlej in the west. The second petition is addressed to the Environment Ministry of People’s Republic of China. The petition urges the Chinese leadership to halt the forced eviction of nomads from the Tibetan plateau and thereby ensure the future food and water security of Asia.

WEDD is also launching an online video titled ‘Experts Speak on Tibet’s Environment’ which will be available on our website and YouTube on the World Water Day.

If you are in Dharamsala, India, please join us for the below event to protect Tibet’s waters!

Venue: Main temple gate and Main square, Mcleod Ganj
Time: 9am to 5pm

World Water Day

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