10th exe members

TWA concludes its GBM with the election of its 10th Executive Members


10th exe membersThe 10th General body meeting (GBM) of the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA), the largest women’s organization in exile concluded on April 16 with the election of the new executive members.

147 women from central TWA and 33 regional chapters gathered for a ten-day rigorous session (April 7-16): 4-day ‘women empowerment training’ and ‘6-day GBM.’

During the GBM, the members discussed on a 17-point agenda on the broad topics: With the Homeland, Action in Exile, International advocacy and representation, and strengthening TWA organizational structure.

A 15-point resolution were arrived at on the topics: Long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Political struggle of Tibetans inside Tibet and urgent actions in exile, Empowering social lives of women inside Tibet, Release of Tibetan female political prisoners, Preservation of Tibetan language, quality education and health care of Tibetan women, social empowerment of women in exile, Political empowerment of women in exile, international representation of and by Tibetan women, procuring professional women by encouraging specialized studies, outreach to Chinese people, drawing tangible support from Indian government and people, amplifying suppressed intellectual voices of Tibetan women inside Tibet and strengthening TWA (central and regional) structure and influence.

The resolution derived from the board agendas will serve as action plan for TWA and its chapters for the next three years (2012-2015).

A significant amendment to the TWA charter came in the form of an addition of an extra clause to the rules on ‘election of central executive members’. According to the amendment, incumbent women parliamentarians are barred from contesting the election of TWA central executive members. The amendment received a unanimous support from the body.

The 10th executive members are:

Tashi Dolma –President. Formerly served as TWA’s vice president (2000-2003),

Samten Choedon –Vice President. Retained her former post as vice president of TWA (2009 – 2012),

Nyima Lhamo- General Secretary, Served as staff (program coordinator for TWA’s ‘Empowerment through Action desk’),

nun Tenzin Tselha – Served as former executive member of TWA (2000-2003),

Tsering Choedon, – advocate with Human Rights and Law Network (HRLN) Delhi,

Tsering Wangmo, – served as staff (Capacity building manager for TWA),

Tenzin Deckyi – served as staff (sponsorship officer for TWA),

Tsering Dolma, – served as president of RTWA Pokhra Jampaling,

Pema Choedon, – served as president of RTWA Varanasi,

Tsering Dolma, – former member of Tibetan Parliament in exile

and Tenzin Bhuti – served as former vice president of TWA (2006-2009).

The election of the 10th executive members heralded a new milestone for TWA following the successful tenure of the 9th executive members. The outgoing executive members are: Tsering Yangzom Oshoe, (General Secretary), Tenzin Dolma (Joint secretary) and Dhardon Sharling (Research and Communications officer).

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