Sign and stop the suffering of Tibetan Women


A petition aimed at the UN General Assembly to intervene and cease the use forced abortion and sterilisation is rapidly gaining ground. Founded by Andela Blazevic, the petition has already garnered over 2, 500 signatures in less than a month.

China’s ‘methods’ of child control has long been a controversial issue around the world. The Chinese government initially introduced the ‘One Child Policy’ in 1978 to combat the rapidly growing population. However there has been strong evidence to suggest women are being subjected to forced sterilisations and abortions in a effort to enforce this policy.

This subject has only been further highlighted by the recent online exhibition by Claire Kern, titled Silent Genocide, and the escape of political prisoner Chen Guangcheng, a outspoken critic of China’s one child policy and use of forced sterilisation and abortions on women. More often than not, sterilisation is done without aesthetic with improper equipment. Those who oppose are threatened with the loss of their job, property or even imprisonment.

Tibetan women are even in greater risk, given the government’s past disregard for their human rights and freedoms. Although the Chinese Government have stated the policy will be reviewed, there must be action and justice immediately to ensure that no women are subjected to such torment. Sign the petition to do your part and end this suffering.

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