Tibetan farmers boycott in protest for prisoners


Source: Phayul.com
Dharamshala, May 10th. Defiant Tibetan protesters have announced a farming boycott, in support of their fellow brothers and sisters who are still being imprisoned after a brutal crackdown last month from Chinese authorities.

The move comes after a protest featuring almost 200 women from all over Ngaba County, including those from the villagers of Gyade Tsosum and Adhue. According to the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, the group marched almost seven kilometres to protest at various government offices for the release of all Tibetan prisoners who were imprisoned last month, following a protest against the corruption in security forces.

They were later stopped by armed security personnel at Tsamrig village, however a ‘big clash’ was averted after leaders of the local monasteries intervened to ease the situation and avoid any further risk of violence to protesters.

Although group did disperse following this involvement from local leaders, Tibetan residents of Adhue Thawa village will now refuse to farm their fields until the release of Tibetan prisoners who have been held without any right or reason.

Seven Tibetans were released on May 5th after being forced to attend ‘patriotic re-education’ sessions but this farming boycott is yet another sign of unity among the Tibetan people for a free country, free of oppression and free of the Chinese government.

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