Leadership Training for Tibetan Women in India

3rd Advanced Tibetan Women’s Leadership Training


3rd Advanced Tibetan Women’s Leadership Training

Registrations open; email now!


Tibetan Women’s Association is honoured to launch the third series of the Advanced Tibetan Women’s Leadership training. The training is scheduled from 18th – 27th December 2012 in New Delhi.
The registration will be open until 10th December 2012 – see below for full registration details. The selection committee will select the participants.

This training will explore the different aspects of leadership; from identifying to building with practical implementation of the skills learned. There will ample practical exercises, exposure trip, event management shows, panel discussion with women leaders and professionals (Tibetans and non-Tibetans).

*Registration closes on 10th December 2012. Full schedule available by December 10.

[important]Click here to download the Leadership Training Application Form[/important]
Accommodation and travel: Tibetan Women’s Association pays for accommodations and transportation of the participants and guest speakers, as well as rental fees for the space. We also provide participants with the necessary learning tools such as study materials, papers, notebooks, folders and pencils. This year’s leadership program is extremely important to continue the platform for empowerment and advancement of women.

Registration fee: Please note that you will have to contribute Rs.250 as registration fee if you get selected. This will be fully refundable upon completion of the training.
If you have problems completing the registration form below contact General Secretary of Tibetan Women’s Association Nyima Lhamo via email – twaetadesk@gmail.com, or feel welcome to telephone with any queries – 01892 221527 or 09882502821 .

What to expect… More about last year’s 2nd Advanced Tibetan Women’s Leadership Training

The ten-day ‘Advanced Leadership Training’ (November 21 – 30) was held at the Tibetan Youth Hostel, Rohini. 28 Tibetan women attended from many parts of India and beyond – (Pokhara-Nepal, Tenzinghang –Arunachal Pradesh, Kalimpong, Chennai, Bangalore, Mandi, Dharamsala and Delhi) and from various backgrounds. There were graduate students, professional workers, settlement officers, journalists and political activists. The training course was divided into three phases – identifying, building and practicing leadership skills.

The first phase of the training led by TWA trainers and Vicki Robinson from Canada, gazed into personal effectiveness, time management, team building, visualization, goal setting, communication, media and digital empowerment. Delhi based professional trainer Lynda O Lepcha from Holistic Training Solutions, led the second phase on ‘Building Leadership Skills’.

The final phase of the training provided ample practical experiences – exposure trip, event management, lobbying Indian leaders and the panel discussion with women leaders (Indians and Tibetans). The highlights included: active participation in the NDTV studio debates such as ‘NDTV special ‘Is Tibet a lost cause,’ chaired by Bharkha Dutt’ and ‘NDTV Left, Right and Centre’ hosted by Nidhi Razdan. On November 28, a planned hour-long observing session at the Lok Sabha house of Indian Parliament to witness the ongoing winter session was cancelled after the unexpected adjournment of the House at 12 Noon. Nevertheless, the participants staged daylong ambush lobbying of the Indian leaders at the Parliament grounds which resulted in four Members of the Indian Parliament signing the ‘Stand up for Tibet’ pledge. You can view 2011′s full ATWLT report here and see some photos below or all on Flickr.

The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, through the Tibet Fund based in the United States, supported this major venture of TWA with much-needed financial impetus. The National Endowment for Democracy also provided financial resources.

“Thank you TWA for such an initiative and it’s worth sacrificing my bar exam for this training. Gladly met many beautiful women and great brains, thank you all”

“Everything was so perfect, not only the training, but also all other facilities you have provided was really impressive. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the very best for future. Hope you keep doing these training and empower more and more Tibetan women.”

“It has been a great pleasure getting to know you all and I am feeling good to know that the Free Tibet cause is in good hands. I am absolutely blown away by everything that this whole group produced throughout the training, keeping creativity alive and thriving.” Vicki Robinson, Trainer, Canada.

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