TWA’s Representative advocates climate justice for Tibet at UN Climate conference, 2012

  • TWA delegates representing ‘Tibet Third Pole’ for COP-18, Doha-Qatar.   


TWA’s Environment & Development officer, Tenzin Choedon  with Tenzin Norbu from CTA at COP-18 in Doha,Qatar.

Doha, 3rd December 2012: Two representatives from Dharamsala; Tenzin Choedon, the head of the Women’s Environment and Development Desk of Tibetan Women’s Association and Tenzin Norbu, the head of Environment Desk of DIIR are in Doha for a week-long campaign and participation at the United Nations 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) meeting, an undertaking of the United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Tibetan delegates joined along with an estimate of 17,000 delegates, 7000 NGOs and more than 1500 journalists across the world to advocate for the equitable, sustainable and durable solution to world’s growing climate change crisis and significantly to voice Climate Justice in Tibet at this important meeting.

The main campaign of this year is focused on Tibet being Asia’s water tower; networking with the downstream nations to work with them as a team to put pressure on the Chinese government to sign UN water sharing agreement and to become member of the Mekong River commission.

The campaign also includes lobbing with the delegates from other nation on Nomad Displacement and Climate Change in Tibet at large.

According to the COP18 report, there are about 7,000 civil society observers at COP18/CMP Doha, to share their views and play a part in the Conference, including an unprecedented number from Arab groups, after organizers reached out to make the Conference as inclusive as possible.


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Press contact:

Tenzin Choedon (Women’s Environment and Development Desk Officer, TWA)

Tenzin Norbu (Head of the Environment and Development Desk, DIIR, CTA)

Doha, Qatar +97455456152

Email- TWA WEDD     

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