Tibetan Women’s Association along with its 56 Regional Chapters appeal to the United Nations on Global Human Rights Day


An appeal to United Nations on Global Human Rights Day


The Chinese colonization of Tibet and continuous implementation of cruel policies are an attempt to genocide the Tibetan’s ethnic traditions, culture, language and religion, and has wounded the hearts of six million Tibetans.  As this crisis becomes an unforgettable and ruthless part of our history, we, the Tibetan Women’s Association will continuously stand up for our cause with a focused and determined spirit to face this injustice.

According to reports from reliable resources, since 2009, 89 Tibetans have self-immolated inside of Tibet. It is an undeniable truth that these martyrs have set themselves on fire to voice how minorities are suffering under the Han Chinese. They are suffocating under the inhumane policies that deny their basic human rights such as the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion and the freedom of preserving ones native language. These repressions are undoubtedly expressed in the testaments left by these self-immolators.

Even though the situation has become extremely severe and intense, to this day, China has not taken any steps to resolve the conflict as a result of their failed policies. Instead, unashamedly, they consistently accuse others for what they have done and continue to do. Therefore, it must be considered clear that China is untrustworthy in their statements and actions.

Hence, we, the Tibetan Women’s Association are writing this letter to the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and all the Friends of Tibet and urging all of you that Tibet needs your support and intervention in this serious matter. To solve Tibet issue with your help, we have developed the following four significant points that can serve as actions for these leadership bodies:

1. UNO must send their peacekeeping operations into Tibet.

2. International leadership must recognize that self-immolation and other peaceful protests occurring inside Tibet are considered the  highest form of non-violent acts.

3. Under the safe guard of International forces, Tibetans must have self determination rights.

4. International leaderships must put pressure on China to end their colonization of Tibet and closely monitor the Han Chinese imperialism.

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