Tibetan Women’s Association organizes a Panel Discussion on the final day of it’s 3rd Advanced Tibetan Women’s Leadership Training



December 27th 2012: On the final day of the ‘Advanced Tibetan Women’s Leadership Training’, the third in the series organized by the Tibetan Women’s Association, we are hosting a 90-minute conference titled ‘Women’s Leadership Roles in Asia’.

The key speakers for the event are Dr. Kiran Bedi (An Activist & former Police Officer), Ms.Jaya Jaitley (Activist & former Political Leader), Ms. Radha Bhatt (Chairperson of Gandhi Peace Foundation) and Dr. Alana Golmei (Activist & Managing Trustee of Burma Centre, Delhi). The moderator for the event is Ms. Dhardon Sharling (Activist & Member of Tibetan Parliament In Exile).

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