2013 TWA Fellowship Announcement


Tibetan-Womens-Association-logoTibetan Women’s Association is pleased to announce fellowship to one female candidate, who would like to specialize in Gynecology or Pediatric.

On 54th Anniversary of Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day, TWA has announced scholarship to a Tibetan female student who plans to do further study either on gynecology or pediatrics studies. Unfortunately, till date no one has applied! So, here we are announcing this scholarship once again to all the female students.

Interested applicants are requested to send us the following documents before 15th June 2013 by email (twafellowship@gmail.com) or registered post.

1. Application including brief introduction of yourself and family background.

2. Explaining why you’d like to be the TWA fellowship recipient

3. Updated green book copy

4. Educational qualification certificates

5. Medical certificate

6. Two passport size photos

Priority will be given to those whose mothers serve as a member of Tibetan Women’s Association. The applicants would be required to go through an interview.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding TWA Fellowship program.

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