An Appeal to Apple’s CEO


Tibetan-Womens-Association-logoOn 2nd August, 2013, the Tibetan Women’s Association, an organization that encompasses 16,000 members in 56 regional chapters across four continents (Asia, America, Europe, and Australia) wrote an appeal letter to the Apple’s CEO Mr. Timothy D. Cook and urged him to take immediate action in investigating the racial discrimination and violation of laborer’s rights in the factories that create Apple products in China.


The letter says:

We believe that Apple is one of the world’s most responsible and high standard companies that promises to safely guard its laborer’s rights, and respect its own social responsibilities. However, the recent report published by the US-based China Labor Watch has revealed the status of Apple’s laborers in three factories of the Pegatron Group in China. The report clearly states that these factories are violating 86 of China’s laborer’s rights. These constitute 36 legal and 50 ethical violations.


On top of violating China’s laborer’s rights – Pegatron has discriminative recruitment regulations. Their notice states that it will not hire anyone with infectious diseases, Tibetans, Uyghurs, and pregnant women. Such discrimination is intolerable and should be stopped.


If Apple is truly protecting human rights, then it must do a thorough investigation to stop Pegatron groups in China from violating Apple’s moral ethics and values. We request Apple to impose stricter rules and regulations to ensure that its products are not produced at the cost of discrimination and injustice towards Tibetans, Uyghurs and Huis. Tibetans inside Tibet are already suffering under China’s brutal laws and have been fighting against violation of basic human rights and all kinds of racial discrimination. Recently, 120 Tibetans inside Tibet have committed self-immolation and many more are continually arrested without trails. It is a well-known fact for China to violate most of its laws but we believe that the Apple Company should respect its own code of conduct and do its best to maintain the reputation its come to gain.


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