The Tibetan Women’s Association stands with the victim and her family


Soon after news of a Tibetan minor girl being allegedly raped by two Tibetan men namely Nyima Tai and Choephel in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement – South India, the regional Tibetan Women’s Association (Mundgod) contacted the Settlement Officer.

The next day, TWA’s Vice President – Samten Chodon left for Mundgod to confirm the news. Upon reaching there, she met with the parents of the victim along with the Settlement Officer and RTWA Executives and further studied the case. With the parent’s consent, they decided to file a case against the two culprits which was soon followed by the local police arresting the accused.

On August 26, the Minister (Kalon) for the Department of Home, Dolma Gyari and representatives from 24 different associations/institutions convened a meeting in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement.  Dolma Gyari mentioned ‘The Department of Home shall provide any necessary assistance to both the victim and her family.’ She further requested to form a committee to support the victim’s family to attend the court’s hearing.

It is sad and appalling that such case has happened in the Tibetan community; however we believe it is never too late to take concrete action against such heinous acts. The Tibetan Women’s Association (within its power) has and will support those who are victims of injustice and cruelty in any form.

Starting this year, the TWA has begun a one year project which aims to provide Legal Rights education/workshop at various Tibetan settlements across India.

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