TWA commemorate the 56th Anniversary of Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day


DSC_0171The central Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) and its 56 regional chapters across the four continents commemorated the 56th Anniversary of Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day at their respective regions.

RTWA Dharamsala and the Central TWA commemorated the historic day at Martyrs’ pillar, Tsuklagkhang. Honorable Kalon Gyari Dolma attended the function as the chief guest and other heads of the major NGOs as the guests of the honors.

DSC_0320After the function, a peace march was organized from the Martyrs’ pillar to Kachari, Dharamsala. Nuns, students and public joined the march and commemorated the day.

DSC_036012th March is celebrated every year as the Tibetan Women’s National Uprising day, on this day we pay tribute to the brave Tibetan women from the three provinces in Tibet who 56 years ago staged a peaceful yet powerful resistance against the brutal Chinese forces staging a forceful occupation of Tibet.