Interfaith Coalition for Peace to Varanasi




TWA Vice- President Ms.Tsering Dolma and Joint Secretary Tenzin Tselha took part in Interfaith Coalition for Peace (ICP) which organized Interfaith Women’s Journey to Varanasi from 20th- 23rd July, 2016. The journey included eight women representing Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Tibetan Buddhism. TWA always participate in this program.

13819805_1026258110814613_1289878874_nThe program aims to honour the feelings and opinions of all communities and upholding their religious and human rights. They were taken on tour to visit different religious sites and important historical places in the city. The particaipants also had interaction and exchanged of their knowledge on religion. The program wrapped up with a prayer for World Peace and a message that women can be the agents of change in building peace between different communities and religion.

Interfaith Coalition for peace- The living faiths and religions of the world emphasize on Peace, Harmony, Justice and Reconciliation, it is important that followers of all these beliefs appreciate that there is a common destiny based on love and peaceful coexistence. The Interfaith Coalition for Peace dedicates itself to the creation of a family across the world that honours the sovereignty of God and respects human dignity.