Monk Losang Sangye from Kirti Monastery, was released after serving 4yrs of imprisonment in Mianyang prison, Chengdu.


A Tibetan monk has been released in frail conditions after more than four years in detention, reportedly due to torture in prison. The monk from the Kirti monastery in Ngaba has been accused of multiple activities that opposed China’s rule in Tibet.

Lobsang Sangye was released from the notorious Mianyang prison in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on Nov. 12 in poor health, according to Radio Free Asia. An unnamed source cited by the RFA mentioned, “His relatives were informed of the release, but when his brother and other relatives went to receive him, they were not allowed to accompany him home. Instead, Chinese security personnel returned him next day to his home in Ngaba’s Choejema village.”

Sangye was detained in August 2012 for allegedly selling photos and short videos of the exiled Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama and also for involvement in a self immolation case of two Tibetans from Ngaba town. He had been detained a few times prior to 2012.

Rights groups argue that Chinese authorities have increasingly resorted to releasing prisoners who are in poor health and in danger of dying to avoid death in detention scenarios, which is regularly witnessed in Chinese prisons in occupied Tibet.

The case of Late Tulku Tenzin Delek highlighted the death in detention issue on the international stage. The philanthropist monk and community leader died in the same prison near the provincial capital of Sichuan.