Self Immolation

  • 150 Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet and China since February 27, 2009. A Rinpoche and his niece, died in a fire – according to information from the Tibetan government in exile and Woeser, this may have been a self-immolation that was later erroneously described as a house fire.
  • 122 men, 28 women
  • 119 of the 150 are known to have died following their protest
  • 26 of the Tibetans who self-immolated were 18 or under
  • 13 of the 150 were monks at Kirti monastery in Ngaba
  • 11 of the 150 are former monks at Kirti monastery in Ngaba (It is currently not known who of the nine chose to disrobe, or were expelled from the monastery by government authorities)
  • Two of the 150 were nuns from Mame Dechen Chokorling nunnery in Ngaba
  • 149 of the self-immolations have occurred since March 16, 2011



  • 10 self-immolations by Tibetans have occurred in exile.



S.No. Name Age Sex From Date Occupation Status
146 Tashi Rabten In 30s M Machu, Gansu 8th December, 2016 Unknown Deceased
147 Pema Gyaltsen Unknown M Nyarong 18th March, 2017 Unknown Unclear
148 Wangchuk Tseten Unknown M Kardze, Kham 15th April, 2017 Unknown Unknown (Believed unlikey to have survived)


Chagdor Kyab

16 M Bora, Gansu 2nd May, 2017 Student Unknown


Jamyang Losel

In 20s M Chentsa, Malho 19th May, 2017 Monk Deceased