World Environment Day, 2018 – Beat Plastic Pollution


5th, June 2018

With an effort to provide awareness and equip the people around us for a healthier and safer place to live in, Tibetan Women’s Association organised a very an important event at McLeod Square from 10 am to 12 noon, by educating the general public about having the individual access and potential to replace and find alternative choice for single use plastics.

This year World Environment Day focuses on the Theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”, where in pressing environmental concern on combating the single use plastic materials which is composed of major toxic pollutants that has the potential to cause great harm to the environment in the form of air, water and land pollution. Thus, we as an individual must learn to embrace reducing and reusing the plastic and if we can’t reuse them, then we must refuse them, exploring for an alternative material which is friendly to our eco-system.