2018-2019 Youth Empowerment Training’s (YET) orientation


Central Tibetan Women’s Association successfully completed its 2018-2019 Youth Empowerment Training’s (YET) First Phase which is the Orientation Round to five Universities in South India – Chennai, Bangalore, Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Studies, Mysore and Mangaluru. Our President, Mrs. Dolma Yangchen talked about Organisation’s Introduction followed by detail presentation about Youth Empowerment Training (YET) by Ms. Tenzin Khandho, our Project Officer and Ms. Tsering Choezom, the General Secretary, concluded with Mentor and Mentee Program (MMP) which is an important part of YET.

Day 1- of Orientation Round for the Students Chennai

It was a great moment having met Mrs Asha Reddy who is a long time supporter of Tibet and Tibetan students studying in Chennai. We would like to thank Mr Tsering Samdup, the President of Tibetan Students Association Madras (TSAM) for helping us with assembling the students and arranging the venue. We also like to thank the students who attended the Orientation for gathering at the venue and being very cooperative with us.

Day 2- Of Orientation Round in Bangalore at TCV Youth Hostel Bangalore

We would like to thank the student for their support and enthusiasm during the orientation.

Day 3 – Of the Orientation Round at Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Studies

We would like to extend our heartfelt thankfulness towards concerned authority for their wonderful arrangement and the students for attending the orientation.

Day 4 of the Orientation Round for the students of Mysore University
We would like to thank Mysore Tibetan Students Association for their wonderful arrangement.

Day 5- of Orientation for the students of Mangaluru

We heartily would like to thank Ms. Tsering Dolma, the President of RTYCMangaluru for all her coordination and the all the students who attended the orientation for their time and support.