A 23 Yr old Young boy Dhorbo Self immolated in Tibet


TWA is saddened by the news of yet another Self immolation in Tibet against the restrictive policies of Chinese government. On 4th November, 2018,Mr. Dhorbo, 23 year old from Jakorma village in the Choejema area of Ngawa province became the 154th Martyr who has self immolated inside Tibet shouting slogans for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his return to Tibet.

His father is Mr.Chopa, and his mother, Trinle Kyi, passed away a few years ago and  had been living at the house of his uncle Jampal Drakpa.

There had been  no details of whether the corpse was taken by the Chinese authorities, or the situation of the relatives. This is the 41st confirmed self-immolation protest in Ngawa province so far.We pray for his soul to rest in peace and may his sacrifice for the Tibet cause will bring him an auspicious rebirth.