Tibetan Women’s Association 13th General Body Meeting

Tibetan Women’s Association 13th General body meeting was held from 14th to 16h April 2021 at Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (tipa), due to covid- 19 pandemic around 34 Tibetan women from 18 Regional chapter attended meeting actively.
The morning of 14th April 2021 was the opening function of the General body meeting with the presence of Chief Guest kasur Gyari Dolma and advisor Lhajam Rinchen Khando, heads of other non governmental organizations, member of parliament and other respective members were invited as a guest.
Mrs. Dolma Yangchen the President of Tibetan Women’s Association introduced the history of Tibetan Women’s Association.
Advisor Lhajam Rinchen Khando honoured our brave women martyr and encouraged young generations to be responsible towards our Tibetan community, culture and language.
Kasur Gyari Dolma gave an impactful message to the fellow Tibetans, to act wisely and to be a responsible and a contributiing citizens.
TWA Central honoured all the individuals who had served up to 12 years within TWA.
lastly Central Tibetan Women’s Association Vice President Mrs. Kalsang Youdon gave a Thank you speech.
We were able to resolve the issue of the regional chapter New york and New Jersey and honoured the members with a certificate from our advisor Lhajam Rinchen Khando la.