World Rivers Day 2021


World Rivers Day is celebrated on every last Sunday of September. This year’s World River’s Day is observed on 26th September, 2021. To commemorate the day, Tibetan Women’s Association organized an online awareness campaign. The campaign headed by our Environment Desk officer highlights the importance of rivers in general, focusing especially on rivers in Tibet.

Tibetans in Tibet are not the only ones bearing the brunt of the river pollution. Around 1.3 billion Asian people are dependent on the rivers originating from Tibet and so the consequences of river pollution in Tibet have to be faced by the downstream countries. However, the unending series of hydropower projects, damming and mining activities by Chinese authorities continue to divert and pollute those precious rivers in Tibet resulting in harm and destruction to Tibet’s fragile ecosystem and its downstream Asian nations.
As future seeds of Tibet, it is more crucial for the younger generations of Tibetans to raise awareness towards Tibet’s degrading environment and speak against the exploitation of the Chinese Government for the sake of Tibet and its neighboring countries.
Happy World Rivers Day!