Karma Samdrup was Imprisoned for 15 Years


Tibetan environmentalist Karma Samdrup was unjustly imprisoned for 15 years.——A court in China has jailed prominent Tibetan environmentalist Karma Samdrup for 15 years on charges of robbing tombs and dealing in looted relics.Samdrup’s lawyer said police had used false evidence. His wife said he had been beaten in custody. Samdrup’s wife says police tried to force him to sign a confession by pouring cold water over him during winter and denying him food and sleep.He funded many Tibetan plateau conservation projects and also founded the Three Rivers Environmental Protection Group.He is innocent. They did not provide any evidence. It is a miscarriage of justice.There will be more arrests of environmental defenders that people outside of Tibet will not know of.We will continue to fight for environmental defenders and protect their right to justice. And the Chinese government should be accountable for their climate injustices in Tibet.JUSTICE FOR KARMA SAMDRUP