Grand Benefit Concert By Tibetan Women’s Organization of Swiss


On 30th September 2022,

The President of the Central Tibetan Women's Association appeared and showed gratitude to the group of long-term supportive Tibetan people from Swiss in a meeting. The next day, on 1st October 2022, a brief meeting took place before the upcoming momentous event. Our President attended as the Chief Guest at the Grand Benefit Concert organized by the Tibetan Women's Association of Swiss at theaterstrasse 1, 8610 Uster, Switzerland. Owing to Several Brilliant and Artistic Tibetan Singers, the big event attracted an immense concourse from various associations and people from the state. Furthermore, additional enjoyable activities served as entertainment. Our Deepest and Most Heartfelt Gratitude for the warm hospitality and for the Amazing event. We couldn't have asked for more!