The 38th Re-Establishment Anniversary of TWA


On 10th September 2022,
Central Tibetan Women's Association and Regional Chapter of Dharamshala jointly organized the 38th Re-Establishment Anniversary of the Tibetan Women's Association in Exile 2022 accompanied by our Honorable and Most Respected Chief Guest Mrs. Rinchen Khando Choegyal (Former President of TWA) and Mr. Kunchok Mingmar ( Newly Elected Tibetan Settlement Officer) amongst various Major NGOs based in Dharamshala. The program officially began with the lightening of a butter lamp towards the portrait of His Holiness the Great 14th Dalai Lama executed by His Holiness's sister in law, Mrs. Rinchen Khando Choegyal next to our President, Mrs. Tenzing Dolma. In addition with the singing of TWA, Tibetan and Indian National Anthem to pay homage to our Nation. We then served tea and sweet rice while Mrs. Khando shared her wisdom and guidance of life which touched the entire room's heart to the core as well as Mr. Mingmar who was proud of our organization spoke well wishes in brief. We thank them both for the adjuration and for their immense support. The program further involved with traditional dance performed by the Yong Ling School Students, RTWA Dhasa & Central TWA. The atmosphere led to cheerfulness and full of entertainment. By the end, along with the group of audience, we carried out Gorshay to rejoice the achievement and show appreciation to our martyrs for their huge sacrifice as well as for preserving our Tibetan culture. We thank our Respected Chief Guest and appreciate each attendee, performer, and the media for their participation.
We believe in creating a strong society with the knowledge of kindness, mindfulness, and guidance of each individual to their respective path and we will continue to do so.