China Builds Planetarium in Tibet

China begins work on a planetarium at the "roof of the world" in Tibet.
The planetarium will be built within the Tibet Museum of Natural Sciences in Tibet's provincial capital, Lhasa. The planetarium, scheduled to be completed in 2024, is expected to receive over 100,000 visitors annually.
The planetarium, with the highest altitude in the world, will become a perfect window for the public to get to know the stars and explore the universe. Tibet is open mainly to Chinese tourists and foreigners with special permission.
The planetarium will have the region's largest optical astronomical telescope, with a one-meter-diameter lens, and become a significant regional base for astronomical research and public science education, the Science and Technology Department of Tibet said.
It said that it is dubbed the "Roof of the World" because of its position 4,000 meters above sea level; Tibet has superbly clear skies, making it ideal for astronomical observation.
To gain economic profit, Chinese authorities deliberately destroy Tibet’s land and the environment by doing so.