How have decades of Chinese policies – such as livestock quotas, grassland fencing and eviction – affected the Tibetan nomads?

How are current policies – which aim to move the entire nomadic population into fixed housing – affecting the nomads?

What concerns do the nomads themselves raise?

How do China’s policies compare with those in other countries?

This publication addresses these questions in a landmark attempt to give voice to Tibet’s nomads, who have faced severe changes to their traditional culture and ecologically sustainable lifestyle, thanks to policies over which they have had no say.

Tibet’s delicate environment has been cared for by its indigenous peoples – the Tibetan nomads – for thousands of years. Whilst there is no doubt of the Tibetan plateau’s value to China – its Chinese name translating to “Western Treasure House” – the land’s inhabitants have not been valued.

Rather than removal from their grasslands - often in the dubious name of environmental protection - Purging the Treasure House suggests that the valuable knowledge of the Plateau’s custodians must be preserved and put to use in the fight against climate change.

      • A Sequence of Tortures: A Diary of Interrogations, March

On the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the National Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day, the Tibetan Women’s Association dedicates this day to honor the indomitable literary spirit of the Tibetan Women inside Tibet. We were honored to launch the book ‘A Sequence of Tortures; A Diary of Interrogations’ written by Jamyang Kyi who resides in Qinghai, Tibet. The book originally written in Tibetan is now translated into English and Chinese. View the fascinating full book synopsis and information about author Jamyang Kyi here.

Marking fifty years of occupation, fifty years of repression, and fifty years of resistance, the Tibetan Women's Association (TWA) honored the sacrifices and achievements of Tibetan women all over the world on March 12, 2009. Committed always to increasing international awareness of the plight of Tibetan women within Tibet, and to preserving the historical legacy of the women's movement, TWA launched seven new publications in conjunction with their Fiftieth Anniversary commemoration.

Covering a wide range of topics, these seven new works seek to bridge the gap between past and future. The works include everything from the personal narratives of female activists, historical presentations of women's struggles and the women's movement, and a slew of new research regarding prevailing conditions for Tibetan women in Tibet and in exile. As there can be no forward progress without an accurate understanding of the past, of the battles fought and sacrifices made, and of the commitment and dedication that still drives Tibetan patriots today, TWA has fought consistently to provide the necessary historical lens through which to view the continued Tibetan struggle. View full books synopsese here.

      • Breaking the Shackles: 50 Years of Tibetan Women's Struggle (PDF)
      • Tibetan Nuns: The Status of Exiled Tibetan Nuns in India
      • Tears of Silence: A Report on China's Birth Control Policy in Tibet
      • Light in the Abyss: The Drapchi Fourteen
      • In Memory of the Martyrs
      • A Voice That Remembers: The Life Story of Ama Adhe
      • A Response to China's 'White Paper on the Protection of Tibetan Culture
  • The Status of Exiled Tibetan Women in India
  • Gems From the Heart
  • NGO Alternative Report on Tibetan Women, (Tibetan)
  • Our Will Against Their Might:Female Prisoners of Conscience in occupied Tibet, Volume II
  • Tears Of Silence:Tibetan Women and Chinese Birth Control Policies, August (3rd Edition)
  • Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, (Eng. & Tib.)
  • Tibetan Women and Habitat: Tradition as Best Practice, June
  • The Road to Beijing:The Tibetan Women's Association's Campaign Strategies for the fourth World Conference on Women,Beijing, China, September
  • The Trek to Freedom:Tibetan Women and the Refugee Experience, September
  • Tears Of Silence: Tibetan Women and Chinese Birth Control Policies, August (2nd Edition)
  • Illusion Of Stability: Socio-economic Status of Tibetan Women in Tibet
  • Our Will Against Their Might: Women Prisoners of Conscience in Tibet
  • Tibetan Women's Delegation Report (Web), at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women Beijing 1995
  • Tears Of Silence: Tibetan Women and Chinese Birth Control Policies, August (1st Edition)