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As an NGO accountable to half the Tibetan population, TWA feel it is our duty to use our platform to speak out on issues important to our fellow women. This has included campaigns against the abduction of the Panchen Lama, a campaign to boycott Chinese goods, and campaigns against infringements of basic human rights facing Tibetans both inside Tibet and in exile.

We also partner with other human rights and Tibetan NGOs to endeavour to provide information on the largely unheard stories of Tibet’s many political prisoners. We campaign for fair and open trials, the cessation of torture as a widespread method of forced confession, an end of arbitrary arrests, and the release of all of  those unfairly imprisonned.

Such atrocities against Tibetans’ rights under Chinese occupation have been going on for so many decades, the issues can fade from the public eye – we hope that continued campaigning will shame the Chinese government and encourage multi-lateral intervention on Tibet from international governments. Below you can see recent campaigns from TWA.

Some campaign work may overlap with our international lobbying work (see International Presence) or our other key activities – Women in Tibet, Women’s Empowerment and the Environment. On the other hand, other campaigns may run independently according to current issues facing Tibetans.

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