Workshop Series : The Last Day

Our last day’s workshop was held by Mrs. Sahiti Kachroo who elucidated on strategies about building perspectives and practice on gender equality and equity as the topic of principles of feminist justice and alternative community based justice system. For the afternoon session we had our feedback session. The whole workshop session was extremely informative and we would like to thank the respective resource persons and everyone who is involved in making this workshop successful and helpful.

4th Day of Workshop

Morning session started with Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Place Act (POSH Act) and discussion related to it, followed by POCSO ACT – Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO)Act in the afternoon session by Mrs. Sahiti Kachroo who is a feminist lawyer and legal researcher.

3rd Day Morning Session of the Workshop

On 3rd day’s morning session of the workshop , Mrs.Sahiti Kachroo explained the definition of Violence Against Girls and Women (VAGM) and different forms of violence, inequalities and injustice that girls and women faces in all spheres of life and ages .
The session was continued on VAW (Violence Against Women )and legal framework with prime focus on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 in the afternoon .

The 2nd Day Morning Session of Workshop

The 2nd day’s morning session of workshop was on patriarchy as a system and practice of male domination.
Where as for the afternoon session we covered the matter of patriarchy and other system of domination and their intersectionality and how it impacts women.
With active engagement and participation, the participants were able to comprehend the issues relating to women and how it is linked to patriarchy through very insightful manner .
And the session ended with Tibetan Women’s Association thanking Ms. Runu for the two days workshop and being one of the resource persons.

Workshop on Gender and Legal Awareness

Workshop on Gender and Legal Awareness
Venue : Jagori Rural Caritable Trust ,Sidhbari
On 10th October , Tibetan Women’s Association attended as a trainee at Jagori which was funded by The Women’s Empowerment Desk (WED) under SARD , Dept of Finance (CTA).
The first morning session started with a self introduction and activities focusing on gender expectations, socio-gramming and sharing the design.
Where as the afternoon session focused on topics related to construction of gender and multiple identities.
The first day’s workshop successfully ended up with various activities, discussion and active participation by all the members.