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TWA 2004 Women Uprising Day Statement

March 12, 2004: Let us not forget, too, on this day to remember and honor the many women who soon after coming into exile, took initiative for the continuance and safeguardiing of Tibetan culture and identity against extreme odds in the early refugee life in India. Many of their pioneering projects immensely contributed to …

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TWA 2003 Women Uprising Day Statement

March 12, 2003: Today, we commemorate the 44th National Women’s Uprising, for women who fearlessly fought and sacrificed their lives for our country. We take this grave occasion to pay tribute to the memory of all those courageous women who stood up to defend our nation against the forceful aggression of the People’s Republic of …

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TWA Appeal To Boycott Chinese Goods

The story of Tibet is a tragic story of a peaceful, innocent and a deeply religious nation colonised by its neighbor China in 1949. In the aftermath of the occupation, thousands of Tibetans were killed and imprisoned, monasteries and religious sculptures demolished and stockpiles of sacred scriptures burnt. The tragedy still continues.

But the world …

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TWA 2002 Women Uprising Day Statement

March 12, 2002:¬†Today, we are gathered here to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the Tibetan women’s uprising Day. On behalf of all the Tibetan women both in and outside Tibet, I take this opportunity to salute all the brave women who have sacrificed their precious lives. It is sad to note that recently one of …

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Tibetan Women’s defiant voices: the World Conference on Women in Beijing 1995

Tibetan Women at the UN conference in Beijing 1995

Voices that refused to be silenced: the inspirational story of the Tibetan Women’s Delegation in Beijing 1995

TWA partnered with seven other NGOs concerned with Tibetan women’s issues to take part in the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing 1995.

This conglomerate was comprised of: 1. Tibetan Womens Association, India …

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