Workshop on Civil Society Organiztions

On 9th November 2022
A one-day workshop called “Good Governance of CSOs” was organized by the Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution (TCCR) in which Dr. Ravi Shankar conducted the entire workshop at the Hotel Wood Castle. The organizers invited Central TWA’s Accountant, Ms. Tenzing Woser along with other Major NGOs based in Dharamshala.

Australia Tibet Council Meeting

On 8th November 2022,
Members of the Australia Tibet Council visited the office of Central TWA for a tour and got well-acquainted through a brief introduction and understanding of the association's evolution, moreover the social status of Tibetans in exile was reported, and emphasized the ongoing China-Tibet issues. A significant contribution was offered by the Members in purchasing some of TWA’s published books proving their great input toward women's empowerment.

The 12th Annual Nun’s Empowerment Program

On 1st November 2022,

The first day of the 12th Nun’s Empowerment Program started with an early yoga session with a Professional trainer. The day continued after 9 o’clock with a welcome speech by our President, Tenzing Dolma, followed by an introduction to the Tibetan Women’s Association and the aim of the Buddhist Nun’s Empowerment Program. The afternoon session was carried out by our Project Officer, Tenzin Yingsel on Gender Sensitization.

earlier on 31st October 2022, a Welcome Dinner was organised for the 30 participants and working committee members of the Nunnery were invited.

On 2nd November 2022,

The second day of the workshop was carried out with an early morning yoga session followed by continuation of Gender sensitization training by our Project Officer Ms. Tenzin Yingsel.

On 3rd November 2022,

After a great Yoga session in the morning, the third day of 12th BNEP session was led by Ms Tsering Dolma, Vice President on Nun's empowerment and Communication Skill.

On 4th November 2022,

After a yoga session in the morning. The fourth day of 12th BNEP was planned for an education tour for the participants. The tour started with a visit at Namgyal middle Boarding school, following at RTWA Kathmandu Old age home and the day ended at Central zoo Jowalakhel. We thank everyone for supporting and making this Education tour knowledgeable

On 5th November 2022,

Fifth day of the 12th BNEP jumped off with a relaxing yoga session in the morning. Succeeding, the participants had Leadership and communication Skill session by Ms Tsering Dolma. After a heavy lunch, the afternoon session was on “Women’s Health” by Doctor Tenzin Choezom. We thank Doctor la for a great, informative and alerting session.

On 6th November 2022,

The sixth day of the 12th BNEP commenced with a calming yoga session in the morning. The day followed with a session on “Women's Health” by Doctor Kunsang. After which the second last day’s afternoon session was taken on Leadership and Communication Skills by Vice President, Tsering Dolma. We really appreciate and extend thanks to Dr. Kunsang for her session.

Dharamshala Tour

From 24 - 27 October 2022,
The members of Central TWA Cordially welcomed and accompanied a group of 20 Japanese people on their four days tour in Dharamshala. The members set up a visit for the group to formally meet the Honorable Sikyong Penpa Tsering, and furthermore, they visited every tourist place in Mcleod Ganj; Tsuklakhang Temple, Upper Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV), Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), Tibet Museums, Men-Tsee-Khang, Gyuto Monastery, Norbulingka Institute, and Dharamshala Skyway. A special thanks to Tashi Delek Restaurant for arranging this tour.