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Since 2007 Dolma has been a forum for the intellectual expression of Tibetan women. This aims to contribute to the important objective of empowering Tibetan women in exile on multiple fronts. The Tibetan Women’s Association not only seeks to address the struggle between genders and legitimate women’s rights in society, but also to eliminate all subtle obstacles hindering the developments and intellectual growth of Tibetan women. Thus, TWA took the initiative to create a forum exclusively for women where their intellectual potentials and literary talents not only can be explored but can also find expression and recognition. Given the vast ability and potential of Tibetan women, we are proud that a forum is now in place where women can express themselves to the fullest.

In 2006, TWA launched Voice, TWA’s Quarterly Newsletter, to complement the work of Dolma Magazine; whilst the Dolma magazines focus on women’s issues and creativity, our regular newsletters are more suited to news reporting, in light of TWA’s growing activities.

Would you like to contribute to Dolma? If you are a Tibetan woman or interested in writing about Tibetan women, then we want to hear from you! Whether you can write essays, poems, short fiction, biographies, or something else altogether, contact us at to discuss your idea.

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