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TWA publishes reports about the socio political status of women both inside and outside of Tibet. These online and print reports are well-researched and up-to-date, and of interest to researchers and the international community.
TWA believes it is important to spread the message of issues concerning Tibet in a variety of ways. To increase global awareness of Tibet and the visibility of TWA, the organization uses print media, video, the press and TWA products to raise our voices.

TWA develops, publishes and distributes various brochures and reports to local, national and international audiences on issues concerning human rights violations of the Tibetan people living in Tibet. TWA is particularly concerned with the gender-specific violations towards women. Specifically, issues addressed in these publications concern the restrictions of political, social, educational, economic and religious freedoms that are fundamental to the human condition.

TWA has produced two videos: Voices in Exile: Tibetan Women’s Journeys is a moving and powerful video which breaks the silence of many Tibetan women and their stories of a struggle for peace and freedom; Undying Spirit: 40 years of Tibetan Women in Exile examines an exciting and empowering five day period in 1999 in New Delhi, India when thousands of Tibetan women gathered to participate in International Women’s Day on March 8th, Tibetan Uprising Day on March 10th, and Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day on March 12th. TWA hopes to produce more videos in the future.

Whenever deemed necessary, TWA issues international press releases concerning the plight of Tibet. TWA also writes articles for various international Tibetan support publications.

Finally, TWA’s annual magazine, Dolma, keeps TWA members, friends and the community informed about our activities.

See our Books, Newsletters, Dolma Magazine, Reports and Photos pages for further information (or browse the ‘Publications’ menu above) and see below for news relating to recent publications.

All products are available from TWA’s Central Office in Dharamsala, India. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Would you like to support our work? A donation to TWA’s CENTRAL FUND will help us with development and publication costs of printed materials, production costs of videos and postage costs for distribution both nationally and internationally – see our support us page.

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