TWA Appeal To Boycott Chinese Goods

The story of Tibet is a tragic story of a peaceful, innocent and a deeply religious nation colonised by its neighbor China in 1949. In the aftermath of the occupation, thousands of Tibetans were killed and imprisoned, monasteries and religious sculptures demolished and stockpiles of sacred scriptures burnt. The tragedy still continues.

But the world is turning a blind eye to the brutalities committed in Tibet by the Chinese. Many powerful western governments had from time to time issued verbal condemnations and passed resolutions in an attempt to censure China’s human rights record in Tibet. But nothing seems to move China; accustomed as it is in turning a deaf ear and outrageously violating international conventions and treaties. Many favour not to take any risks since China is an economic giant: censuring China may affect their business interests.

China prides itself in being an economic and military super power; in fact this very fact emboldens it to commit large-scale human rights violations in Tibet. However, it is high time the Tibetans and the international community took forceful economic action coupled with political action against China. It is China’s economic and business power that enables it to fund various repressive and destructive policies in Tibet and China.

In recent times, the influx of cheap Chinese goods in Indian market has been a course for concern among the Indian policy makers, industralists, and business. The Indian consumers have discovered the deceptive joy of possessing cheap Chinese electric gadgets, crockery and toys. This development will have serious implications on the Indian market and industry. It will further worsen the ever-increasing unexployment rate in these countries.

In an honest endeavour to make a dent in China’s bludgeoning economic might and to raise awareness on human rights violation in Tibet, TWA will launch a mass boycott movement against Chinese goods. We believe that this kind of mass movement will best succeed when started at the grass-root level. The action of each and every consumer matters much in this case. Avoid buying and using any kind of goods with ‘made in China’ tags. The consumer has the right to know where your money goes. Every cheap Chinese goods you buy goes as a contribution to rights violation of Tibetans and millions of Chinese people. Chinese goods come cheap since human life for the Chinese authorities is cheap.

We strongly urge Tibetans, Tibet supporters worldwide, as well as the people of the world, to offer their cooperation in making this movement a success. For Tibetans, the initiative must come naturally and personally. Think about events of 1959 when Chinese committed large-scale genocide in Tibet; the Cultural Revolution of 1969 and the present worsening situation in Tibet and you will know it’s your natural responsibility and duty as a Tibetan to avoid using Chinese goods especially those ubiquitous thermos flasks and tea cups.

In the name of human rights, democracy and global peace, we request you all to promise yourself and take the personal oath that from now onwards you will not use Chinese goods and contribute your money to further rights violations and aggravate sufferings in Tibet and China.