His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama 2012

TWA celebrates His Holiness’s 77th Birthday

His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama 2012Dharamsala, 6th July 2012: To celebrate today’s auspicious day of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s 77th birthday, Tibetan Women Association (TWA) hosted three different events in Dharamsala; Free flowers and plant’s saplings distribution, a lunch and sweet treats for leprosy patients at two hospitals in Palampur and sweets circulation to the Indian offices in and around Dharamsala.

750 saplings have been distributed to the last with the goal of unification with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama’s consistent effort in propagating the importance of staying in harmony with Mother Nature and of course contributing our bit to make our earth a greener and healthier place to live in. The sprout distribution started around 10:30am. People entering and exiting the Main temple, during the commemoration of His Holiness’s birthday celebration function, has gladly accepted the saplings with the appreciation of TWA’s unique approach of celebrating the day and its contribution to a greener earth. The recipients of the saplings include grandparents, parents, monks, nuns, foreigner staying in Dharamsala, Indian residents, young people, and also children. “This is indeed a really a beautiful gift for the people on such a wonderful occasion; we are in awe of TWA for such a great work,” said a monk from Nechung Monastery.

TWA has also set up a lunch and sweets for leprosy patients at Palampur Leprosy Homes and Hospital. The hospital has been doing great in its endeavour to cure leprosy patients. As a token of love and thanks, especially for the medical aid provided for the Tibetan patients at the hospital, (9 out of 18 patients are Tibetan) TWA has chosen this special occasion to thank them and share our love for the patients who has been fearless in tolerating such disease. TWA has also given away sweets and juices to the patients and staffs at Government Leprosy Hospital, Kanwari, Palampur. “The patients received our small lunch with such an affection and gratitude; in fact, they have been waiting for the arrival of TWA’s members as they have been informed earlier about it. They are looking forward to continuance such gestures from TWA” said Samten Dolma, Vice President of TWA, who has been to the spot and circulated sweets.

Furthermore, in accordance with Indian culture of sweet-giving on special occasion, TWA has been to 39 different Indian offices in Dharamsala to share the happiness of today’s auspicious occasion with our Indian friends. The offices include: post offices, banks, SP office, DC office, Police station, water supplier office, municipal office, electric office, friends at Bharat Tibet Sahyog Munch, Himalaya Parivaar and so on.
TWA has finally ended the day by successfully hosting all three events.

Pictures of the event can be viewed at TWA’s Facebook account.

TWA at Kalachakra, Bodhgaya 2012

TWA actions during the 32nd Kalachakra prayers for world peace

TWA at Kalachakra, Bodhgaya 2012
Audience with Dr. Lhadon la

Advocacy for Homeland and Action in Exile stand as the bottomline

Bodhgaya, January 2, 2012: The Tibetan Women’s Association and its globalnetwork of regional chapters are organizing a series of actions during the32nd Kalachakra initiation by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Keeping Tibetans inside Tibet as the key audience, TWA has organized for aseries of public talk catering to women from Tibet. The topics and speakersare; Women’s Reproductive Health by Doctor Konchuk Dorjee, Deleck Hospital,Parenting and Child care by Doctor Lhadon, Tibetan Medical and AstroInstitute, Women and HIV AIDS by nurse Tsering Paldon and Phuntsok Choemphel, CHOICE. Alongside, TWA is distributing books and films thatdocument the status of women inside and outside Tibet, plastic-free bagsand flower seeds blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visitingpilgrims from Tibet.

TWA also aim to achieve advocacy at the international level and istherefore launching a global climate action titled ‘Save Tibet the Thir dPole.’ A petition drive titled ‘Nomads for Planetary ThirdPole’ is underway at the TWA booth at the main Kalachakra venue. While onepetition is addressed to the Environment ministry of the eleven downstreamnations, the second petition to addressed to the EnvironmentMinistry of People’s Republic of China. The petition urges the Chinese leadership to halt the forced eviction of nomads from the Tibetan plateauand thereby ensure environmental balance for Tibet’s fragile ecosystem.

Rallying along with the climate campaign, a climate conference titled ‘Tibetthe Third Pole and its impact on Asia’s future’ will be held on Monday,January 9, 2012. Organized by the Women’s Environment and Development Desk(WEDD) of TWA, with this conference we aim to discuss how in the age ofclimate change, Tibet’s environment is under threat thus posing greaterthreat to Asia and how this could be averted. The panel of experts include;Michael Buckley, traveller writer and filmmaker on Tibet, Mr. Vijay Kranti,Indian writer and journalist, Tenzin Norbu, head of the Environment andDevelopment office of Central Tibetan Administration and Tenzin Dorjee,executive director of Students for a free Tibet (SFT).

Pertaining to TWA’s slogan; ‘Action in Exile’, 75 women members hailingfrom 30 regional chapters based in India and Nepal have been officiallyrecruited by the Department of Security, CTA to provide security servicesduring the Kalachakra teachings. The women members have also been embarkingon a cleanliness drive at the reception center and at the make shiftcamp-sites that has huge concentration of women and children from Tibet.

On January 10, the central TWA and its regional chapters will offer Tenshugprayers for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the sacredBuddhist site of Bodhgaya.

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younger group at TWA booth

visitors sign TWA prtition

visitors look at TWA photos

TWA's climate campaign on display

TWA photos on display

TWA mini photo exhibition

TWA interviews women from Tibet

night view from TWA's booth

monks flock to TWA booth

Dr. Lhadon la lecturing on Parenting and Childcare

Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) is the second largest Tibetan Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in exile India and the only Women’s NGO in Tibetan history. We are today a 16,000 member organization with 56 chapters in four continents; Asia, US. Europe and Australia. TWA’s slogan is ‘Advocacy for Home’ and ‘ Action in Exile.’

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