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Sponsors for the 2011 TWA Specialized Studies Fellowship for Women

The Tibetan Women’s Association is thankful to the sponsors of the TWA Specialized Studies Fellowship for Women (2011-2012 academic year). Your contribution has made the launching of this year’s program a huge success.

Seed money from Tibetan Women’s Association is Rs. Five Lakh  (Rs. 5,00,000)

A Philanthropist based in Australia who wishes to remain anonymous has contributed Indian Rupees Seven Lakh Eighty Thousand (Rs. 7, 84,000)

Dolma sponsorDoma Lama has pledged Indian Rupees Three Lakh (Rs. 3,00,000)

A brief profile: Doma Lama was born in Tibet, Ngari region (Shungru Karkang) in the family of Dankar Namsey. She left tibet with her family after the Chinese invasion, since then she has been living in Nepal. She got married in Nepal and has three children and a grandson. Doma has been involved in carpet business for a long time and since 2006 she has been involved in the hydropower business in Nepal. Doma being a pious woman takes much interest in religious activities and also devotes lot of her time in social activities. Two years ago she joined the Tibetan woman association in Kathmandu since then she has been actively involved in the association.

The Tibetan Women’s Association Ontario has contributed Indian Rupees Two Lakh Thirty One Thousand Five Hundred (2, 31,500)

Dr. Ramnath Prasad. A member of Friends of TWA (FOTWA) has contributed Indian Rupees Twenty Six Thousand (Rs. 26,000)

Susan sponsorSusana Vega has contributed Indian Rupees Twenty Two Thousand One Hundred and Fifty Nine (Rs. 22,159)

A brief profile: Susana Vega leads student of life, currently employed as a nurse, and hoping to be useful to people along the way.  Susan shares a deep love for her family, friends, neurotic dog, and chubby cat.  She swims and reads as often as she can and attempts to live life with no regrets.  A recent visit to Dharamsala left a strong impression and she hopes to be of use to the Tibetan people, particularly women, now and more so in the future.

Valerie Hellerman has contributed Indian Rupees Four Thousand Four Hundred ( Rs.4400)

RTWA Nanital has contributed Indian Rupees Three Thousand (Rs. 3000)


We appreciate more contributions from generous donors.


The Fellowship Selection Committee consists of:

  • Kasur Rinchen Khado (founding president of Tibetan Women’s Association and the current director of Tibetan Nuns Project)
  • Gyari Dolma (Deputy Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile)
  • Dr. B.Tsering Yeshi (former president of Tibetan Women’s Association)
  • Sonam Dolkar (Principal, Upper TCV School)
  • Dolkar Lhamo Kirti (president of Tibetan Women’s Association)



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Tibetan Women's Association

Results of the 2011 TWA Specialized Studies Fellowship for Women

Empowerment through Education

On 12 March TWA announced the opening of seven fellowships: two for Bachelors, three for Masters and two for PhD. The last date for submission of applications for Bachelors and Masters was 1 June and 1 July for PhD candidates.

However, following the meeting of the Bachelors and Masters selection committee board on June 10, consisting of Kasur Rinchen Khado (founding president of Tibetan Women’s Association and the current executive director of Tibetan Nuns Project), Gyari Dolma (Former Deputy Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile), Dr. B. Tsering Yeshi (former president of Tibetan Women’s Association), Sonam Dolkar Samkhar (Principal, Upper TCV School) and Dolkar Lhamo Kirti (President, Tibetan Women’s Association), only two students of the seven applicants were finalized for the Masters program.

Therefore, given the dearth of competent and promising applicants for the first phase of selection and our awareness of society’s need to foster the empowerment of women for a better future, TWA has made the following adaptations to allow greater flexibility and choice: extending the date, rescinding the age limit for applicants and adding more professional and specialized courses. TWA has added three fresh courses in addition to the seven listed courses; 1) Technology Studies, 2) B.Sc.,B.Ed. and M.Sc., M.Ed. and 3) Computer Application.

Thus, according to the reannouncement made on June 11, the students were encouraged to apply for the 3 vacant seats—2 for bachelors and 1 for masters— for any of the ten courses listed below, before July 1 this year:

(1) Women’s Studies,
(2) Human Rights,
(3) Media and Communication,
(4) Environmental Studies,
(5) Film-making Studies,
(6) Governmental Policy Studies,
(7) Gynecology studies.
(8) Technology Studies
(9) B.Sc.,B.Ed. and M.Sc., M.Ed
(10) Computer Application

The members of the Selection Committee met again on July 8 and finalized the awardees for the 2011 TWA Specialized Studies Fellowship for Tibetan Women.

Osel Lhamo, pursuing her undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Technology – Electronics and Communication, bagged the fellowship for Bachelors program.

Tenzin Lhamo, pursuing graduate studies in Politics with specialization in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru, received the fellowship for Masters program.

Dechen Palmo pursuing graduate studies in International Relations from Stella Maris College in Chennai, was awarded the fellowship for Masters program.

Lobsang Yangtso, studying for a PhD in China Studies, is continuing her second year at Jawaharlal Nehru University under the fellowship for PhD program.

TWA extends its heartfelt congratulations to the recipients of these fellowships and wishes them the very best of luck with their academic pursuits.