Tibetan woman and child

Remembering the victims of the Kyegudo earthquake

Tibetan woman and childDharamsala: On the second anniversary of the massive earthquake that wrecked Kyegudo, eastern Tibet on April 14, 2010, leaving more than 2000 dead and 10,000 injured, including women and children, the Tibetan Women’s Association donated One Lakh, Thirty Five Thousand Rupees (Rs. 1,35,000) to the survivors of the Kyegudo earthquake. Last year, days after the disastrous earthquake struck the homes in Kyegudo, TWA and its regional chapters raised One Million Rupees (Rs. 10,00,000), its largest ever donation and sent it through the Yushu Earthquake Relief Fund of Tibet Foundation, UK. The total donation of Eleven Lakh Thirty Five Thousand Rupees (Rs. 11,35,000)  will be used for humanitarian purposes in the areas of health and poverty relief projects for the surviving victims particularly women and children.