March 12 2012 english

Tibetan Women to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of National Women’s Uprising Day

TWA honors 53 years of peaceful resistance by Tibetan women

Tomorrow on March 12, the Tibetan Women’s Association and its global network of chapters will mark the 53rd anniversary of the National Women’s Uprising Day in Lhasa, Tibet.

March 12 2012 english

March 12, 2012 Tibetan

53 years ago, on this very day, the Tibetan women from all the three provinces of Tibet, for the first time in history stood united and engaged in peaceful resistance against the Chinese oppression. Since then Tibetan women have had a steadfast presence in leading the struggle against the repressive Chinese regime. It is the devotion and undeterred spirit of these women that has inspired 53 years of non-violent and peaceful resistance.

On behalf of all the Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet, TWA will pay homage to the Tibetan martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of Tibet, particularly the five female martyrs who died in self-immolation protests since October 2011.

Here in Dharamsala, a commemoration ceremony will be held in the morning at the Martyrs Pillar near Tsuglakhang. Penpa Tsering, speaker, Tibetan Parliament in Exile will participate in the event as the chief guest. TWA will issue its anniversary statement in Tibetan and English. The event will also feature a book launch of the German, Spanish and Japanese versions of – Jamyang Kyi’s ‘A Sequence of Tortures: Diary of Interrogations.’

The morning program will be followed by a peace rally where hundreds will march from Tsuglakhang to Kachari to protest the 53 years of Chinese occupation and atrocities in Tibet and to show our solidarity with the Tibetans inside Tibet. The Dharamsala regional chapter of TWA will organize the concluding ceremony at Kachari.

“Tibetan Women around the world will commemorate this day with the deepest of hopes for human rights, peace, and freedom in Tibet and the other regions of the world where peace is held hostage by brutal regimes” said Dolkar Lhamo Kirti, president, Tibetan Women’s Association.

March 12th commemoration ceremonies are being organized in 56 regional chapters of TWA spread across nine countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Taiwan and Australia.

Venue: Martyrs Pillar, near Tsuglakhang

Starts at: 9: 30 am