TWA launches the 6th Tibetan Women’s Advanced Leadership Training, 2015

Registration closed 


Tibetan Women’s Association is pleased to launch this year’s much anticipated ‘Tibetan Women’s Advanced Leadership Training’, the 6th in the series. We invite Tibetan women between the age group (21-40) to register for the training.

Registration will remain open from today until November 30,2015.

The training is scheduled to take place from December 20-27, 2015 at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi.

The eight-day training will explore the three different aspects of leadership- identifying, building and implementing leadership skills. The training encompasses both inbound and outbound programs and activities. Leading trainers such as Lynda Lepcha, executive director, Holistic Training Solutions, Paramita Das, critically acclaimed filmmaker and artist, and Dhardon Sharling, MP and PhD scholar will lead the training along with TWA’s core team.

Past trainees have affirmed that the experience was brilliant and that of a lifetime and that they benefited a great deal by being on the learning curve.

The training aims to empower young Tibetan women to hold the mantle of leadership, to continue with the legacy of women’s leadership and thereby secure a safe and a sound future for women across the globe. It also aims to strengthen the social foundations of the Tibetan political struggle.

Travelling and other expenses will be met by Tibetan Women’s Association on production of bills.Interested candidates are requested to register themselves immediately. Seats are limited to 30 only.

The training agenda will be made available soon.

This year’s training is funded by National Endowment for Democracy

You can view 2013’s full ATWLT report here

For further information please contact TWA’s General Secretary, Tsering Choezom at


TWA representative at Nobel Women’s Initiative international conference -DEFENDING THE DEFENDERS

photo-31-1024x764Kalon Dicki Chhoyang of Department of Information and International Relations, CTA and Pema Chedon, the research and media officer of Central Tibetan Women’s Association attended the 5th biennial Nobel Women’s Initiative international conference DEFENDING THE DEFENDERS in The Netherlands.

114 women human rights defenders and organisations working to advance the global agenda to protect women’s human rights defenders gathered at Santpoort-Noord, The Netherlands, over the weekend. Six women Nobel Peace Prize Laureates of the Nobel Women’s Initiative hosted this conference.

The participants comprised of human rights defenders, peace activists, advocates, researchers, donors and journalist from over 20 countries gathered to brainstorm on how best to protect women human rights defenders.  Past conferences took place in Guatemala, Ireland, and Canada.

Kalon Dicki Chhoyang, head of the Department of Information and International Relations was invited to moderate a panel discussion on “Networks save lives: protection strategies for WHRDs (Women’s Human Rights Defenders).”  She also spoke about Tibetan women as human rights defenders in Tibet.






Job Announcement: TWA is recruiting an English Research and Media Officer.

twa logoJOB ANNOUNCEMENT: We are looking to hire a Research and Media Officer; the officer will need the skills to research and write reports concerning Tibet and women’s issues as well as newsletters, press releases and various publications to support the work of TWA.


Remuneration: The selected candidate will receive a salary of rupees 10,000 and rent allowance of rupees 1,500 per month.


Criterias and Qualifications;

The ideal candidate will:

• Be a female and below 35 years
• Masters in English Literature or higher degrees
Preferably have masters degree in Journalism or Mass Communication and work experience in the related field
• Have fair computer knowledge
• Have excellent English spoken and written skills
• Be creative, tactful and decisive
• Have very good Public Relation skills
• Be very resourceful
• A good team worker/player
• Be a public speaker


Aspiring applicants are advised to send us a copy of the following;
Covering letter addressed to the President of TWA
‘Statement of Purpose’ –explaining why you deserve this position (minimum 350 words)
Curriculum Vitae,
Attested copies of Green Book,
Attested copies of Registration Certificate,
Degree certificates
Medical certificate
One Reference Letter
Passport photo



Preferably send the details via email: /

Please key in the email subject as: RECRUITS: Research and Media Officer
Phone:  01892-221527 / 221198


Please make your submission no later than midnight of Thursday, 30th April 2015


Postal address;
President, Tibetan Women’s Association, Bhagsu Nag Road, P.O. McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala 176219, Distt. Kangra, H.P. India







Tibetan Women’s Association Fellowship Announcement- 2015

twa logoTibetan Women’s Association is pleased to announce fellowship to one Tibetan female candidate who would like to pursue a specialized study in Gynecology.



MBBS or Bachelor of Science in Nursing



  • Covering letter addressed to the President
  • Brief introduction of yourself and family background along with a statement explaining why you deserve to be the TWA Fellowhip recipient.
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Attested copy of updated Green Book and Refugee Certificate (RC)
  • Degree Certificates
  • Medical Certificate


In order to apply, applicants must be enrolled in or already accepted into a university or medical college in India.


Kindly send us the above mentioned requirements before April 30th, 2015

Email: / or registered post:


Central Office

Tibetan Women’s Association

Central Executive Committee

Bhagsunath Road

P.O. Mcleod Ganj

Dharamsala 176219

Kangra, HP India


To gather more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 91-1892-221527 or 91-1892-221198


Priority will be given to those whose mothers serve as a member of Tibetan Women’s Association.


The applicants would be required to go through an interview.


Thank you!



Statement of Tibetan Women’s Association issued on the 56th Anniversary of Tibetan Women’s National Uprising Day

banner-fbToday as we gather here to commemorate the 56th anniversary of Tibetan Women’s National Uprising day, we pay tribute to the brave Tibetan women from the three provinces in Tibet who 56 years ago staged a peaceful yet powerful resistance against the brutal Chinese forces staging a forceful occupation of Tibet.The spirit and resilience and conviction of that resistance have continued to this day and Tibetan women are at the forefront of this peaceful non-violent movement.


The 12th March uprising day is remembered not only by the Tibetan women but is also considered a historic day in Tibetan history. Hundreds of Tibetan women who took part in the uprising sacrificed their lives and many faced execution from the Chinese government during the Cultural Revolution. Today, we take this opportunity to honor and pay homage to all of them who had sacrificed their lives for the political struggle and freedom of Tibetan people. Their sacrifices have been the cornerstones of source of inspiration for generations of Tibetan people.


China’s invasion of Tibet and its continuous implementation of harsh policies to crackdown the freedom of Tibetans living inside Tibet have triggered Tibetans to resort to more extreme forms of resistance. Between February 2009 and present day,136 Tibetans inside Tibet have self-immolated and called for freedom of Tibetan people and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet. Six Tibetans in exile have self-immolated in expression of solidarity with the Tibetan people inside Tibet and in protest against the Chinese government’s draconian policies in Tibet. The sacrifices made by all these martyrs are engraved in our hearts and we stand in solidarity with them.


According to the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy’s (TCHRD) annual report[1] on ‘Human Rights Situation inside Tibet’, there are 2110 listed Tibetan political prisoners in Chinese prisons. Under the harsh surveillance of Chinese authorities, there is random detention and criminalization of the family members, friends, and neighbors of the individuals arrested and convicted. TWA calls on the Chinese government to stop these arbitrary arrests of the innocent people and to release all the political prisoners including XIth Panchen lama Gedun Choeky iNyima ,Tulku Tenzin Delek and Jadel Rinpoche.


Since the Chinese government’s abduction of the six-year-old XIth Panchen Gendun Choekyi Nyima on 17th May 1995, there has been no information about his whereabouts and well being. This year marks 20 years since his disappearance. TWA urges international governments and human rights bodies to pressure China to disclose information about his whereabouts and allow the Panchen Lama to be restored to his rightful place at the Tashi Lhunpo monastery.


The human rights situation inside Tibet is continuously deteriorating; the Chinese government is not only exploiting the political and religious rights of Tibetan people, but also destroying the fragile environment on the Tibetan plateau. The Chinese government has been executing strategic measures to sinicize and alienate Tibetan people and culture. Consequently, beginning last year, the government publicly encouraged inter-ethnic marriage between Tibetan and Chinese people by introducing a government’s reward scheme[2]. TWA constructs such act as a callous plot to annihilate the Tibetan cultural identity. As announced during the 55th anniversary of Tibetan women’s uprising day, today TWA is able to produce the result of research reports on ‘Inter marriage of Tibetan with Chinese in Tibet’ and ‘Intermarriage of Tibetan with foreigners in exile’. We hope these findings could benefit readers, researchers and policy makers in making a critical analysis of these policies. TWA has neither passed any judgments nor it is in our intention to attack any individual’s personal choices.


It has been 31 years since the reestablishment of Tibetan Women’s Association in exile. Today TWA is an internationally recognized Women’s Association advocating the rights of women in Tibet and empowering women in exile. Within these three decades, many Tibetan women have taken part in realizing and strengthening the mission of this association. Without such collective effort and determination we wouldn’t have achieved such milestones in our exile history. So, we take this occasion to express our sincere gratitude to all the women who have worked diligently for the last many years.


Over the 31 years of TWA’s history in exile, TWA has been advocating for the human rights situation inside Tibet through various means and methods: attending international conferences, distributing information kits to international audiences, doing researches on issues concerning Tibetan women, delivering appeal letters to international leaders and bodies, organizing various campaigns at the local and the global level. TWA has also initiated programs to empower Tibetan women in exile and the results of these programs have been bearing fruition. A truly empowered Tibetan society that caters to both women and men is what TWA aims to achieve so as to strengthen the social foundations of the Tibetan political struggle. Also on this significant occasion, TWA announces its 2015 Tibetan Women Fellowship for advanced study in the field of Gynecology. More details will be made available on TWA’s website.


On the significant occasion of 56th anniversary of Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day, TWA would like to remind the Chinese President Xi Jingping to pay heed to the call for dialogue from the envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration. The Chinese leadership must realize that the middle way policy calling for dialogue is the best way forward to resolve the long-standing Tibetan political issue and the lifetime of His Holiness the Dalai Lama offers the best opportunity for the Chinese government to address the Tibetan political crisis.


TWA also calls on the Chinese government refrain from denouncing His Holiness the Dalai Lama and realize that in doing so they are hurting the sentiments of the global audience who respect His Holiness as the global icon of peace and a symbol for justice and freedom. TWA strongly condemn the protesters who call themselves as Shugden followers and who over the years have engaged in derogatory actions by criticizing and protesting against His Holiness the Dalai Lama. TWA calls on them to drop being the paid agents of the communist government of China.


This year marks 66years of China’s illegal occupation of Tibet. Within these six decades, the Chinese government’s efforts to repress the Tibetan people with their policies have failed. Tibetans continue to engage in peaceful and cultural forms of resistance and have openly and defiantly expressed their reverence and faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Tibetans in exile have been carrying the struggle forward, amplifying the voices of Tibetans inside and making sure that the sacrifice of the Tibetan martyrs including the self-immolators doesn’t go in vain. The protections of Tibetan identify, language, religion and culture remain at the forefront of this political struggle.


As we remember the sacrifice of Tibetan martyrs and pledge to work towards fulfilling the genuine aspirations of the Tibetan people inside Tibet, we pray for a long and healthy life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is the symbol of Tibetan identity and a global icon of peace and compassion.


TWA has 56 regional chapters spread across the globe and over 17,000 members outside Tibet. Today, TWA is the second largest Tibetan NGO and the only women’s NGO in exile that advocates human rights for Tibetan women in Tibet and works to empower Tibetan women in exile.

TWA’s slogan is ‘Advocacy for home, Action in exile.’