Release Yeshi Choedon


There are still no reports concerning the status of Yeshi Choedon, a 54-year old retired doctor who is still being held by Chinese authorities after being convicted for 15 years in 2008.

Choedon of Ramoche, was held in March 2008 during the peaceful Tibet protests. She was arrested without valid charges and held for seven months before being convicted by the Intermediate People’s Court in Lhasa. She was found eventually found guilty of espionage for providing ‘intelligence and information harmful to the security and interests of the state to the Dalia clique’s Security Department.

According to sources, Choedon is being held at a labour camp near Lhasa, more than likely to be Dragpchi Prison, the largest of its kind in Tibet. Constructed from forced labour, the prison was open in 1965 and has an estimated population of over a 1000 captives, of which the majority are political prisoners. Details of the brutal treatment and squalor conditions are well known and documented throughout human rights groups.

Throughout this injustice, Choedon has been denied any right to contact others, and her family have had no confirmed reports of whereabouts or her status.

A campaign has already begun for her release and a petition can be signed and sent here.