Tibetan Parliament debate 'Violence against women'
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TWA seeks effective implementation of legal measures protecting women’s rights

A resolution on ending ‘Violence against Women’ receives unanimous support from the members of TPIE

Tibetan Parliament debate 'Violence against women'September 30, 2011 Dharamsala: Two TWA representatives, also members of Tibetan Parliament in Exile, today tabled the dire issue of ‘Violence against Women’ in the ongoing parliament session of the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. Prior to the parliamentary debate, TWA members held a caucus meeting among women parliamentarians and discussed the pragmatic approach of the resolution.

TWA President Dolkar Lhamo Kirti and TWA Research and Communications Officer Dhardon Sharling proposed a resolution bearing three clauses:

  1. The members of the Parliament should condemn in strongest terms, any form of violence against women
  2. The Kashag / Executive is requested to ensure the effective enforcement of the host country’s laws and acts on dealing with any forms of violence against women, such as the recent act of violence against a Tibetan woman in Tenzinghang. To this end, the Kashag / Executive is requested to provide a directive and a proper guideline to the settlement officers in India, Nepal and Bhutan, and the overseas representatives, on the effective implementation of the laws and acts protecting women’s rights. This will bolster the confidence of women.
  3. The Kashag / Executive is requested to present a report on their plan and the guidelines to the Parliament by March 2012, during the 3rd Budget session of the Parliament.

After a 30 minute parliamentary debate, the resolution was passed after it gained unanimous support from the members of the legislative body.

As many may be aware, this summer a terrible case of gender-based violence against a woman who had “committed adultery” took place in Tenzinghang, a Tibetan Settlement of 800 people across four camps, 160 km from Bomdilla in Arunachal Pradesh, India. The unfortunate incident was a shocking reminder of the great and tragic disasters that can occur when, in the absence of transparent guidelines, people place the law in their own hands.

The Tibetan community was naturally shocked and appalled to hear of the incident in Tenzinghang and the widespread furore led to the dissemination of much rumour and misinformation. Two TWA representatives, Vice President Samten Choedon and Sponsorship Officer Tenzin Dickey, visited the area and spoke extensively to those involved (they also led a well-attended three-day training session on ‘Gender Sensitization and Fighting Domestic Violence’ to the public in Tenzinghang, Tezu and Miao in Arunachal Pradesh). Our final report, which fully documents the incident and subsequent action from TWA, should be considered authentic and accountable.

This comprehensive report can be viewed in English (11-page PDF) and Tibetan (7-page PDF).

TWA wish to sincerely thank and pay our respects to the victim of this terrible abuse, who has agreed to share her story with the world, a brave choice that TWA do not intend to waste; this case has opened our eyes to the continuing discrimination and violence faced by Tibetan women and the imperative for a clear resolution from parliament and resolute commitment to preventing future incidents.

“When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life.” – Kofi Annan (former UN General Secretary)

Press contacts:

Dolkar Lhamo Kirit (President) – 9882291202
Samten Choedon (Vice President) – 9418936118
Tseyang Oshoe (General Secretary) – 9418413625
Dhardon Sharling (Research and Communications Officer) – 9418791189

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