Our Aims & Objectives

TWA’s headquarters and key staff are based in north India – find out about our team here. We also have regional chapters (RTWA) throughout India and across the globe – see our contact us page for a map of current locations.

Our dedicated staff and supporters strive daily to fulful the aims detailed below; whilst our mothers and sisters across the world remain the victims of gross injustice and inequality, we will continue to work ceaselessly. Please browse our website to find out more about what we do and how you can support us.

The aims of the Tibetan Women’s Association:

  • To raise global awareness of the critical situation inside Tibet, and to exert international pressure for the improvement of human rights for Tibetans living in occupied Tibet.
  • To promote the social, political, and economic equality of Tibetan women, in Tibet and in Tibetan exile communities.
  • To address the drastic human rights abuses committed against Tibetan women in Tibet – including rape, physical violence, and the denial of fundamental reproductive, religious, and political freedoms – and to address other cases of gender-based discrimination in the Tibetan exile communities.
  • To ensure Tibetan women have access to adequate educational information about health care, child care and family planning.
  • To assist the needy in the Tibetan community through sponsorship programs that help to support economically disadvantaged families, single parents, children, nuns, the handicapped, the sick, and the
  • To preserve and promote Tibetan culture, language, tradition, and the arts through community education, literacy and publications.
  • To join hands with the women of the world to promote peace and justice for all.

We work hard to achieve these aims with the following key activities:

  • Supporting women in Tibet by publicizing human rights abuses and seeking opportunities to support development inside Tibet
  • Actively working for women’s empowerment by running regular workshops across the exile community
  • Empowering and supporting women in the exile community through studies fellowships, vocational training school Stitches of Tibet and sponsorship programmes
  • Raising awareness of the harmful policies affecting Tibet’s environment, as part of the Tibet Third Pole campaign group
  • Maintaining an international presence, to advocate for the rights of women in and outside of Tibet on a global stage
  • Rigorously campaigning for issues and injustice affecting the lives of women within the exile community and inside Tibet
  • Producing regular research and media in order to support international advocacy and campaigning work

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All Tibetan women would, without exception, answer “yes” to the question “Today Tibet is free, do you want to go home?” – Dolkar Lhamo Kirti, Ex-TWA President

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