Release Dolma Kyab

Dolma Kyab

Dolma Kyab (Chinese name: Zhou Shique) was a Tibetan writer and history teacher in Lhasa. He was in his twenties when the PRC detained him on March 2005 and charged him with ‘endagnering state security.’ He had been working on a book titled, The Restless Himalayas. The topic of the book was Tibet’s geography, history …

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Release Choeying Khendrub

Choeying Khedrub is one of two Tibetan political prisoners serving a life sentence. He is charged with “splittist” activities for distributing pro-independence leaflets within Tibet. Any appeals made to the Chinese court have been rejected, committing him to a lifetime of imprisonment. Choeying’s case demonstrates the severe lack of democracy existing within China today. Tibetans …

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Way to go! Phuntsok Nyidron

TWA welcomes the arrival of Phuntsok Nyidron, at San Francisco, U.S.A. She was arrested and imprisoned for 15 long years in Drapchi prison from October 14, 1989 to February 26th 2004, for merely exercising her freedom of expression. It is a matter of great joy and relief to have her step into a free world, …

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TWA 2006 Women Uprising Day Statement

March 12, 2006: Today, as we commemorate the 47th anniversary of theTibetan Women’s Uprising day, I would like to call upon my fellow sisters the world over to pay our deep homage to those brave women who lost their lives on this day in 1959 for the cause of Tibet. Let us also honor their …

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Release Bangri Chogtrul Rinpoche

Bangri Chogtrul Rinpoche

Bangri Chogtrul Rinpoche is a senior Tibetan Buddhist teacher and a respected social worker. He has been serving a life sentence imposed on him in 1999 on the charge of ‘attempting to split the country’. Before his arrest, he had worked to give unfortunate young children a chance to compete in society by setting up …

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